Permeable Pavement Benefits for Municipal Applications

Permeable pavement solutions, such as eco-friendly pavers and plastic grids are becoming increasingly popular for municipal paving projects. Each square of Ecoraster’s paver grid system is made from 100 post-consumer recycled bags, making it an environmentally-friendly, and economical alternative to costly alternatives; on par with high-quality asphalt, and cheaper than concrete – Ecoraster will easily fit into any municipal budget. From eco-friendly sidewalks and walkways to road shoulder reinforcement, our paving and water runoff control products are perfect for everyone!

Ecoraster can be installed quickly and easily, allowing for immediate use, and impactful municipal stormwater management.

“The long-term cost savings and environmental impact from Ecoraster makes it an obvious choice for municipal projects. Vegetation on road shoulders has seen drastic improvement with the reduction in storm-water runoff Ecoraster is able to manage.”

Paving Products for Municipalities

Case Studies

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