Permeable Pavement Benefits for Transportation Applications

Ecoraster easily fits into any transportation design! On par with high-quality asphalt, and less expensive than concrete, Ecoraster is a permeable paving alternative to costly traditional transportation pavement. With the ability to withstand harsh climates and support weight loads up to 70,000 pounds per square foot, it’s a simple and economical transportation infrastructure improvement.

Ecoraster is easy to install and can immediately be put to use to create access roads and pathways to be used during construction. Lightweight and durable, our permeable paver grids and paver blocks can be removed and re-used without a trained technician on-site. Long-term benefits include permeability and plowability, which help to reduce stormwater runoff from transportation issues such as subway flooding, as well as costs incurred from winter maintenance and damage.

A 100% recycled paver product that comes with a 20-year guarantee.

“Ecoraster can be used in remote areas to transform muddy dirt roads into safe and stable access roads. Lightweight and durable, the grid can easily be removed and reused for future projects. “

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Case Studies

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