Permeable Pavement Benefits for Agricultural Applications

Ecoraster agricultural permeable pavement has been used in a wide range of applications to immediately and efficiently eliminate mud from high traffic areas like barn flooring, livestock feeders, and horse paddocks. The many agricultural uses of Ecoraster are enhanced by German engineering that makes it permeable and allows it to withstand extreme climates warm and cold.

Ecoraster pervious paving has been proven to reduce the amount of paver base required in barn flooring and can also separate paver base materials from livestock to act as an insulator for farrowing huts, livestock bedding, or as an effective soil stabilization method in outdoor pens. Our 100% recycled pavers will make you feel confident that you are installing an eco-friendly paving product that is safe for your livestock and the environment.

“Damp conditions on farms can be dangerous for the health of livestock. Using Ecoraster in farrowing huts reduced hypothermia in newborn pigs dramatically.”

Paving Products for Agriculture

Case Studies

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