Permeable Paving Benefits for Residential Applications

Ecoraster porous paving was engineered with durability in mind. Large scale projects benefit greatly from the permeability and strength of Ecroaster, but it can also be used on residential paving projects.

Ecoraster paver grid systems can be installed with minimal effort for applications such as backyard drainage, eco-friendly pathways, hot tub pads, permeable patio pavers, and green driveways. The Ecoraster plastic grid and modern permeable paver systems can be used in conjunction with each other to design beautiful areas around your home that are low-maintenance and easy to install. Able to endure harsh climates and snow plowing, Ecoraster can also help reduce taxes by lowering your contribution to stormwater runoff.

“Ecoraster Bloxx has transformed residential projects. Driveways become safer and easier to maintain, and customers are seeing immediate impact on the amount of storm-water runoff their homes are contributing.”

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Case Studies

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