5 Reasons Ecoraster Makes the Best Outdoor Warehouse Flooring

Between keeping up with safety standards, staying on budget, and working with unpredictable elements, warehouse design can get incredibly complicated, sometimes taking months or even years to plan. And as a high-traffic area that needs to be heavy-duty, safe, and secure, your warehouse flooring simply can’t be an afterthought. Of course, you could pour concrete or asphalt, but here’s why Ecoraster porous paving is the best warehouse flooring material around.

1. It’s An Effective Outdoor Warehouse Drainage Solution

Whether indoor or outdoor, warehouse designs can be awkward, with lots of obstacles such as heavy machinery around. And if you’re working with any piping or products that may leak, you know how icky and wet warehouse flooring can get. Not only is it super unpleasant to work with, but it can also cause major issues such as electrical outages, flooding, mold, and/or damage to any products you may be storing. Unlike concrete, asphalt, or other warehouse flooring materials, Ecoraster offers a non-slip surface that’s durable enough for forklifts and other machinery to drive over. Plus, It instantly eliminates any drainage issues, preventing those larger concerns from ever occurring.

2. It’s Waterproof and Weather-Resistant 

Made of high-quality LDPE plastic, Ecoraster’s porous paver grids and blocks are completely waterproof. They’re also incredibly weather-resistant, able to withstand a wide range of temperatures from freezing cold to searing hot. No matter how unpredictable the conditions are in and around your warehouse, Ecoraster’s products are capable of doing the heavy lifting. Plus, with a 20-year warranty, they’re guaranteed to last at least two decades at little risk to the property owner.

3. It Helps Minimize Workplace Injuries and Improves Working Conditions

Slips, trips, and falls are a serious concern for warehouse employees and property owners alike. To help minimize the risk and keep everyone on-site safe, your warehouse floors need to have a proper grip. Ecoraster permeable pavers are flexible and can be filled with any material from gravel to paving blocks, ensuring that the ground is properly reinforced and that the fill won’t loosen or cause any damage.

4. It’s Eco-Friendly and Can Help Your Warehouse Achieve LEED Status

More and more industrial facilities are gearing towards an eco-friendly approach in everything they do. From sustainable packaging to green building materials, they’re re-thinking every step of the process to help lower their carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet. Eco-friendly paving products, such as Ecoraster, are a step in the right direction for any company looking to go green. In fact, we’ve helped countless clients achieve LEED Status, offering solutions that have been known to move the process along.

5. It’s Budget-Conscious 

Finally, with all of its benefits, many – especially those on a budget – think that Ecoraster permeable paving systems are out of reach, but that’s simply not true. On par in price with concrete and quality asphalt, and backed by a 20-year warranty, it’s a cost-effective solution for all your paving problems!

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