Permeable Patio Pavers for a Backyard Transformation



This backyard in Toronto was 80% concrete, and 100% impermeable. With little backyard drainage or green space available, these homeowners were left wondering how to fix their water drainage problems to eliminate stormwater and create an enjoyable outdoor space. Rather than a system that directed water drainage away from the house, Ecoraster provided one that would return stormwater to the ground.


To prepare the paver base, the asphalt and existing grass were removed and the entire surface was levelled. A geotextile was laid down to prevent weeds from growing through, and a fill of clear stone gravel was used to create the base for the Ecoraster Bloxx yard drainage system.


Ecoraster Bloxx was installed much faster than the customers had anticipated. The design incorporated both the main surface area that was 10’ x 10’ as well as a BBQ base, flower pot bases and an eco-friendly pathway. In total, the entire installation of both the paver grid and porous concrete inserts happened within a few hours. Once the patio paver installation was complete, sod was used to fill in the spaces around the grid to complete the beautiful aesthetic of the backyard.


These new homeowners have been overwhelmed with the transformation of their space. Since the installation was completed, they have been faced with heavy rainfall many times. The filtration rate of Ecoraster has proven to be the perfect backyard drainage solution, absorbing all stormwater runoff into the ground, leaving virtually no water on the surface of this yard. The design and function of Ecoraster Bloxx truly worked together to provide a beautiful space that is easy to maintain and made from environmentally friendly materials.

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