Wooten Park in Tavares



Wooten Park in Tavares is located on Lake Dora, a lake highly frequented by seaplane owners. It is also the sight of numerous other events such as wooden boat exhibitions and classic car shows. With the influx of visitors attending the numerous shows and events, the city was experiencing issues with mud and unstable ground. As part of the municipal stormwater management plan, Tavares looked toward Ecoraster for water runoff control products and a durable ground reinforcement system.


Before installing Ecoraster, Wooten Park was using bark chips and mulch, but without success. Sealing the ground with asphalt or concrete was not considered, as it would not fit in with the city’s desire to use green building materials, including permeable paving that would allow stormwater to flow naturally into the ground.


Ecoraster E40 installation was quick and easy, requiring few man-hours with great results. Wooten Park is now ready for upcoming shows with a ground reinforcement system that is perfect for foot traffic and a pervious parking lot that can handle multiple types of vehicles, including boats, seaplanes, and trucks.


Ecoraster has eliminated the mud and rutting, stabilizing the ground, and allowing the vehicles to travel over the porous grid. The ground reinforcement system is fully permeable, allowing rainwater to pass back into the land. This community hub is now ready to welcome visitors all year round.

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