Stone-Filled Porous Driveway



This Century home in Ann Arbor Michigan was in need of some repairs and updates. The homeowner took this as an opportunity to create a more sustainable household, using environmentally sustainable products. As part of the project, Ecoraster permeable driveway pavers were chosen for the overhaul. The home had an existing driveway, but it was not permeable and was lacking parking space. Ecoraster E40 was used to update the existing surface, but also to create a new, grass driveway with green driveway products.


Before moving forward with the stone driveway installation, the existing materials were excavated and removed. The base layer was prepared and the ground was levelled for both the grass pavers and the gravel driveway.


Once both areas were prepped, the Ecoraster E40 paver grid system was installed directly on top of the base layer to create the space in the exact dimensions required. The gravel driveway was then filled with decorative stone, and the green driveway simply allowed the natural vegetation to grow through to fill the grid.


While still maintaining a look and feel that aligns with the architecture of this Century home, Ecoraster porous driveway pavers have enabled the homeowner to not only have more parking, but they were able to use a product made from 100% recycled plastic to do so. Better yet, they now have a green driveway that is permeable all year round, plowable in the Winter, and doesn’t need to be salted. Ecoraster is also backed by a 20-year warranty, making this the perfect choice for this exterior renovation.

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