North Carolina DOT Road Shoulder Paving

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The paved shoulder at a busy intersection in North Carolina was in need of constant road repairs. With high traffic and heavy load trucks that liked to cut corners, taxpayers were overinvesting in road repairs that couldn’t withstand the volume.


The existing paved shoulder was removed and discarded to make room for the Ecoraster E50 paver grid system that would take its place.


The North Carolina Department of Transportation selected Ecoraster E50 permeable pavement to repave the road shoulder. The team found that it was easy to install and that making precision cuts to the road reinforcement mesh was clean and simple. Cutting the plastic grid allowed for it to follow the natural bend in the road and line up with the permeable pavement properly.


Both the paving contractors and the engineer in charge of this project were surprised and pleased at how little waste was generated throughout the paving project. Even with cuts made to the plastic grid, the patented connection tabs remained intact, enabling Ecoraster E50’s road reinforcement mesh to remain fully locked in place. The paved shoulder is now stable and has excellent drainage. It can easily support heavy traffic and consistently reduce stormwater runoff to nearby bodies of water. Better yet, it comes backed with a 20-year warranty, so local taxpayers can rest assured they’ve got a long-term porous paving solution in place.

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