Permeable Dog Kennel Flooring



Whether you’re a breeder or simply want a safe outdoor area for the family pet; dog kennels can be tricky to install. They need to be designed in a way that’s secure enough your pup can’t dig themselves out, provide shade on hot days, and a clean environment with comfortable, raised kennel flooring for them to play and lay on. Concrete, although easy to clean, can be expensive to install, requires a certain depth of excavation, and isn’t a comfortable surface for the animal. After weighing their outdoor dog kennel flooring options, this breeder decided that Ecoraster was the perfect fit!


The ground was excavated and leveled to prepare for base preparation. Minimal excavation was required in this case, which the surrounding trees will appreciate. A non-woven geotextile was then laid to prevent the paver base material from migrating into the existing soil. A base of ¾” crushed angular stone was then installed, leveled, and packed to make room for the raised kennel flooring.


Ecoraster E40 was chosen for this kennel. The Ecoraster porous pavement system was installed directly on the crushed stone base. Ecoraster can easily be cut without affecting the performance of the paver grid system, which allowed installers to work flawlessly around the fence posts for the kennel. The plastic grid was then backfilled with crushed gravel. This project was so simple to complete, that even homeowners looking for dog kennel ideas for the backyard could easily DIY it!


These dogs now have a safe, dry, and clean space to spend their time. Ecoraster dog kennel flooring offered a raised platform designed to act like a spring floor giving these dogs a more comfortable place to lay than the concrete alternative. Ecoraster was installed beyond the edge of the kennel to ensure a bored pup can’t dig out.

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