Ecoraster Bloxx Permeable Rubber Driveway

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This homeowner in Listowel, Ontario was motivated to swap out his existing driveway with an eco-friendly surface using permeable driveway pavers.


An old and deteriorating non-porous driveway was removed and clear fill was put down as a sub-base for the Ecoraster Bloxx interlocking rubber paver system.


As the homeowner was looking for green driveway solutions, he chose to use Ecoraster Bloxx with rubber pavers for his driveway. These porous paver blocks are not only suitable for the outdoors, but they are also incredibly eco-friendly and made from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber. During the driveway installation, the permeable grid system was secured and the rubber pavers were inserted shortly after.


The green driveway was immediately usable, and the homeowner was pleased to see that despite heavy rainfall, it produced no stormwater runoff and was safe for his family to walk on. The benefits of Ecoraster continued into the Winter where he was able to remove snow and reduce the use of road salt.

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