Permeable Flooring and Farrowing Huts



Pig farrowing problems, including wet and muddy hog flooring, are the primary causes of hypothermia and the death of newborn piglets. This farm in Ontario wanted to promote better newborn piglet care by improving birthing conditions for sows, as well as overall mud management on their hog farm.


As farrowing pens traditionally need mounds of livestock bedding to insulate and protect the animals, this was removed to prepare for the Ecoraster X30 porous grid installation.


After the hog flooring was cleaned, Ecoraster X30 was chosen as a base for the farrowing pens and was installed in 5×7 pieces packed with straw bedding.


The results of this upgrade surpassed expectations. The farm noticed a 10-fold reduction in the amount of livestock bedding required. All dampness and mud were also eliminated, enabling the owners to improve management during and after farrowing. The loss of piglets due to hypothermia dramatically declined and Ecoraster X30 will be included in all farrowing hut plans, as well as being installed in other barns on the farm.

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