George Brown College



George Brown College in Toronto had parking lots filled with dusty, compacted gravel. These surfaces resulted in potholes, ruts, and poor parking lot drainage. Additionally, they did not meet accessible parking requirements or comply with Toronto paving standards (due to a lack of stormwater management). George Brown was required to find a permeable paving solution that would improve parking lot drainage and eliminate stormwater runoff.


What appeared to be an easy paving project had some hiccups. Old concrete light standards that were buried below the surface were discovered during grading, somewhat delaying the process.


Once the paver base was prepared, a clear ¾ aggregate was poured into the paver grid system to create a permeable barrier below the driving surface. This was then levelled and Ecoraster was installed on top. The commercial paving contractors in charge of the project made many comments about the speed and ease of the installation.


These permeable parking lots have become a topic of conversation. Despite the grids being gravel-filled, the area is now plowable, has excellent parking lot drainage systems, and is accessible to all (even those wearing high-heeled shoes!) With dusty conditions and stormwater runoff eliminated, neighbouring properties are thrilled with the cleanliness that Ecoraster has provided. It is also naturally weed-free without the use of harmful chemicals. If that weren’t enough, a film crew recently parked its heavy trailers on the paver grid and was impressed by the stable surface beneath them!

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