Permeable Golf Cart Parking Lot



This golf course was in need of golf cart parking pads with a safe area to charge electric carts. Due to many surrounding trees and the constant cart traffic, the area was rutted and the landscaping was stripped. Since there was no permeable parking lot in place, even the lightest rainfalls would create stormwater runoff, covering the surface in slick mud.


The ground was excavated to a level subbase. Gravel was brought in and compacted to prepare for the Ecoraster paver grids.


Ecoraster E40 was chosen for the golf cart parking pad. E40 is great for lighter vehicles like golf carts, but can still withstand the frequent traffic. Ecoraster was quickly installed and cut to fit the parking mats. Once the paver gird system was installed, crushed stone was used to infill the plastic grids.


With a sturdy paver base and newly installed custom golf cart mats, this golf course now has a clean, dry, and permeable parking lot/ golf cart charging station for decades to come!

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