Hay Feeder & Ecoraster

Hay Feeder & Ecoraster


This Equestrian farm in Florida saw two horses who share one manger-style hay feeder with no protection surrounding it. Soft sand was frequently leveled only to see trenches re-appear within a day. This was resulting in imbalanced posture for horses and strain on their front legs. Addtionally, edible hay was being lost in the mud quickly turning to costly waste and putting horses at increased risk for sand colic.


The hay feeder was removed from the area and the location was levelled and prepared with a 2” layer of new sand that was packed using a lawn tractor.


Ecoraster E40 was placed on the levelled sand and a 144 square foot layer of Ecoraster Grid was created. The grid was filled with 2 inches of new sand and packed and levelled off to expose the grid beneath it. The hay feeder was re-installed in its original location.


Mission accomplished! The E40 installation immediately stopped trench digging around the feeder which reduced the manual labour involved in repair, eliminated the strain on the horses legs from imbalance and decreased the costly expense from edible hay becoming lost in the mud.

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