Horses & Mud

Horses & Mud


Mud is a problem that all equestrian facilities must contend with. Soil compaction from horses results in poor water drainage, allowing water to pool in low lying areas and puddles. Combined with organic manure, which will retain moisture for long periods of time, and further stomping and chopping by hard hooves and you soon have a serious and ongoing mud problem. Mud creates a very unhealthy environment for both horse and owner.


Ground must be levelled with a base installed to prepare for the installation of an Ecoraster Grid system.


Installation of an Ecoraster Grid is lightweight, quick and efficient to install. The grid doesn’t require a trained technician and comes together seamlessly with the interlocking mechanism.


Ecoraster is able to eliminate mud creating dryer conditions overall. This ultimately reduces maintenance costs and the risk of disease in horses. Acting like a snowshoe, Ecoraster disperses the weight load over a larger surface area which prevents soil compaction and improves drainage. Ecoraster offers an effective mud management solution that helps you solve your mud problems easily and permanently.

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