Equestrian Facility Mud Management



Dealing with mud in horse paddocks is a challenge that all equestrian centers are faced with. Soil compaction from horses results in poor paddock drainage, which allows stormwater to pool in low-lying areas and puddles. Combined with organic manure (which retains moisture for long periods of time), plus further stomping and chopping, this soon leads to a serious and ongoing mud problem. For horses, standing in mud all day creates a very unhealthy environment for both the animal and the owner, and has many wondering how to fix muddy horse paddock areas.


In order to prepare for the installation of Ecoraster’s mud control system for horses, the ground must be leveled and a paver base must be installed.


Ecoraster’s pervious paving grids provided the best horse footing as they are lightweight, quick, and easy to install. The interlocking plastic pavers don’t require a trained paving contractor and click together seamlessly, forming a single mud control mat that covers the whole horse paddock.


Ecoraster instantly eliminates mud in the paddocks, creating dryer horse footing conditions overall. This acts as a muddy paddock solution, ultimately simplifying equine mud management, reducing maintenance costs, and lowering the risk of disease in horses. Acting like a snowshoe, Ecoraster’s permeable paving system disperses the weight load over a larger surface area which prevents soil compaction and improves stormwater drainage. Ecoraster offers an effective mud management solution that helps owners deal with mud in horse paddocks, as well as other high-traffic areas throughout the equestrian center. And thanks to Ecoraster, the horses no longer have to stand in mud all day!

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