Permeable Hot Tub Pad



Most hot tub pads are placed on non-porous concrete blocks that are expensive, hard to remove and offer little-to-no backyard drainage.


To begin the hot tub base preparation, the area was assessed and gravel was put down. Ecoraster E40 was deemed the best material for the hot tub pad.


Hot tub pads do not take up much space, so Ecoraster installation took place in a matter of hours. Once the Ecoraster E40 permeable paver grid was in place, clear gravel was poured, and the hot tub placed on top.


Ecoraster E40 made installation quick and easy. Since the amount of porous pavement required to make a hot tub pad is limited, the cost of installation is considerably less than concrete. Ecoraster can be installed any time of year, in all weather conditions, and it comes backed by a 20-year warranty.

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