King City Heritage and Cultural Centre

King City Heritage and Cultural Centre


The Municipality of King City was looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional asphalt for the resurfacing of their 14000 square foot parking lot. Because Ecoraster is made from 100% recycled plastic and is made in Ontario, they were able to take advantage of an amazing grant program through the Ontario Tire Stewardship Program that encourages the use of Ontario made recycled products.


To prepare for the Ecoraster install the parking area was excavated to a level subbase. A drainage layer of 6-8” of ¾” clearstone was then installed, leveled and compacted.


Ecoraster Bloxx with recycled rubber inserts were selected for this parking lot. The Bloxx were installed directly onto the clearstone base. Rubber inserts were then inserted into the system. The municipality took advantage of the colour options available to create clearly defined parking spaces, pathways and accessible spots without regular line painting practices.


The King City Heritage and Cultural Centre has created a completely permeable, low maintenance, environmentally friendly recycled surface. By using the Ecoraster system they have also greatly reduced their salting requirements in the winter months.

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