Listowel Go Glass Permeable Parking Lot



Go Glass opened a new location in Listowel, Ontario in the Spring of 2019. This project was a new-build, and the existing land was in need of ground reinforcement due to extremely muddy conditions.


More paving aggregate than usual was required to combat the muddy surface. The first layer of base used was crusher-run gravel, which was later layered with A-gravel to complete the paver base layer.


Ecoraster Bloxx with pervious concrete inserts were chosen for this permeable parking lot project. Once the gravel base layer was prepped, the installation of the Bloxx took only a matter of hours. After the Bloxx were installed, stall lines were created using Ecoraster parking markers. To comply with handicap parking space painting requirements, accessible parking spaces were marked using traditional painting methods. Ecoraster Bloxx concrete paving stones were sprayed using an asphalt paint. This Go Glass parking lot includes a mix of Ecoraster and asphalt. The Ecoraster Bloxx were installed first, with asphalt coming afterwards. Ecoraster is so durable that even next to the hot tar, the plastic grid and pervious pavers remained completely unscathed.


This land has been transformed from an area plagued with mud, to a fresh, permeable parking lot. Not only has the mud problem been resolved, but this parking lot meets ADA (AODA) parking requirements, and now sees a stormwater infiltration rate of permeable 3,000 inches/hour.

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