Livestock Feeding Areas

Livestock Feeding Areas


Heavy traffic areas like feeding areas for livestock are prone to excessive mud and dirt. This is a costly and time consuming issue many farms are faced with.


Once the mud has been removed and the ground has been levelled, a gravel base must be put in place.


Ecoraster is placed on the gravel base and the grid mechanism clicks together with ease. As the product is lightweight and easy to install, this process efficient, effective and doesn’t require a trained technician to complete. Ecoraster can also be used as a drainable base for small areas throughout your facility.


The improvement and related cost savings from using Ecoraster are immediately felt after the installation. Future issues with mud are prevented and clean out time is reduced. Cost savings can also be found in hay and expensive vet bills that can come due to moisture related illness in animals. This is a long lasting solution that comes wih the Ecoraster 20 year warranty.

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