North Carolina Department of Transportation

North Carolina Department of Transportation


This busy intersection in North Carolina sees more than 50,000 cars pass through each day. While cars aren’t intended to drive on the road shoulder, traffic is inevitable as is the deterioration of the shoulder itself. The repair on the intersection was not to encourage additional car traffic, but to come up with a solution that was stable, permeable and would reduce the amount of maintenance at the cost of taxpayers in the future.


The existing shoulder was removed and the ground was dug out enough to ensure it was level, and then filled with gravel.


Once the gravel base was prepared, the Ecoraster grid was placed directly on top of the gravel. To ensure the grid aligned with the curve of the road, pieces of the grid were cut to custom angles. Once the Ecoraster was fully installed, a layer of gravel was placed on top. The total installation time including modifications was 4 hours.


Now that the road shoulder repair has been completed, the shoulder is significantly more stable, the ground is permeable and will ensure water runoff is reduced. Additionally, the surface will now be able to grow grass, which may be done in the future. With a more stable base, the Ecoraster grid system will greatly surpass the lifespan of the asphalt it has been installed next to. The team at Permeable Grid Solutions worked hand in hand with NCDOT on this successful project.

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