Sour Gas Line

Sour Gas Line


This sour gas line was originally installed in the 1960’s on existing farmland. Today the area is known as the Blackfalds, Alberta Blindman Industrial Park. Gas lines need to be buried below the frost line to prevent freezing. Recent development has jeopardized the sour gas line, exposing it to the potential of freezing. For this project our partner along with the Alberta Energy Regulator choose Ecoraster to protect the surface and the gas line from possible damage.


The sour gas line was originally installed in a clay base. Topsoil was stripped away from the original farmland to make room for the Industrial Park. Crews installed and compacted road crush over the clay base.


Ecoraster E50 was chosen for this project. Its ability to support over 150,000 lbs/sqft and remain permeable during even the harshest weather made it the obvious choice. Ecoraster was installed directly on the compacted road crush base. Crews were able to easily install thousands of square feet per day. The grid was filled with ½” washed pea gravel and topped with an additional 2” of fill.


The sour gas line has now been properly protected from frost exposure and the weight of heavy truck traffic that also poses a risk to gas lines in this type of environment.

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