Stackt Market

Stackt Market


Stackt Market was a vacant property in downtown Toronto. The team at Stackt had the idea of building an urban market made from environmentally sustainable products. At it’s core, Stackt is a public market built entirely from shipping containers. Inside the market you’ll find vendors and craftsmanship that echo their commitment to sustainability. Ecoraster was a chosen partner for Stackt because of its durability and sustainability. As each grid of Ecoraster is made from 100 recycled plastic bags, Stackt and Ecoraster were a perfect fit. LID Permeable Paving worked with the team at Stackt to ensure the right Ecoraser product was selected for use.


Stackt has been in the planning and construction phase for the past couple of years. Ecoraster would be used in main common areas and therefore was not installed until the project was near completion. The base was prepped prior to the Ecoraster install and it would be placed on a gravel base.


Installation of Ecoraster went incredibly fast which came as a pleasant surprise to the installation team. Even in the harsh Winter, the installation process was seamless and the grid was installed in less than a day. A gravel fill was placed on top of the Ecoraster grid which will see both pedestrian and car traffic.


Stackt officially opened its doors in May 2019, and now welcomes locals and visitors from around the world. Ecoraster can be found in the main food and beverage areas, and while it may not be visible to the naked eye, it has already been proven to be stable, safe and meets all accessibility requirements.

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