Metro Toronto Zoo Interlocking Pavers



The dining area at the Toronto Zoo was covered with tripping hazards due to poorly installed pavers and a lack of ground stabilization. As one of Toronto’s most popular attractions, the Zoo was also looking to incorporate porous pavement to help with ground drainage issues stemming from stormwater runoff. Ultimately, they needed long-lasting, high-quality permeable patio pavers with no risk of shifting, lifting, or heaving of the individual paver stones. The paving materials needed to be cost-effective and easy to install.


The ground was prepared to accommodate a paver base, so that the Ecoraster grid system could be placed upon it to prevent shifting and movement over time.


Ecoraster, which uses a locking system that connects the plastic paver grid together with minimal risk of movement was chosen for the installation. Patio pavers were then easily placed atop the gravel-filled paver grid.


Ecoraster’s commercial paving helped with ground stabilization in the area around the tables and was able to be cut to accommodate existing structures. Not only were there structural benefits to using Ecoraster pervious pavers, but they also saved more than 40% on the cost of paving materials for the paver base alone. The Toronto Zoo was very pleased with the finished results and the versatility of the Ecoraster permeable paver grid system they chose.

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