Walkerton Fire Department

Walkerton Fire Department


The Walkerton Fire Hall community garden also doubles as a rain garden. The garden is a high traffic area that was virtually inaccessible unless you were wearing rubber boots! Heavy foot traffic and poor drainage conditions left the garden trails full of mud. Wood chips were constantly being added to the trails as an attempt to absorb the extra water. It was in desperate need of a makeover to achieve a garden accessible to all.


To prepare for the Ecoraster install, the garden was completely cleared out and the ground was excavated down to a level clay subbase. A 6” base of ¾” Clearstone/type 57 gravel was then installed and leveled.


The Ecoraster E40 was selected for this project. Ecoraster was installed directly on the Clearstone base. The install process was so quick and easy even their youngest volunteers were able to help on a rainy day. Once the grid was down volunteers used wheelbarrows to infill the grid with ¼” pea gravel.


Ecoraster has allowed rainwater to easily be absorbed into the ground making this community garden mud free! Walkerton then moved into phase 2 of this project and installed raised planting beds in addition to ground level beds. This community garden is now accessible for even those in wheelchairs who could not previously make their way through the mud.

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