Wolf Trap National Park



Wolf Trap National Park is a world-famous performing arts center in Fairfax County, Virginia. Their incredible mix of indoor and outdoor event space attracts talent and visitors from around the world. Historically Wolf Trap has used grass for its parking lot instead of paving but increased traffic lead to issues with wear and erosion as well as stormwater management issues.


It was imperative that the permeable hardscape design of Wolf Trap was kept in tact as the updates took place. The grassed parking area is a showcase element they weren’t prepared to lose. Ecoraster was the natural choice for this project as it could provide a strong foundation and improve permeability to reduce the problem of stormwater runoff Wolf Trap was experiencing. The ground was prepared by removing the top sod and installing Ecoraster beneath the surface.


Ecoraster was placed directly on top of the soil to create a barrier between the ground and the sod. With more than 70,000 square feet of land to cover, Ecoraster pervious pavers significantly reduced the amount of time required for project completion. Once the Ecoraster paver grid was installed, sod was immediately able to be placed on top. With sod completely covered the Ecoraster plastic grid maintaining the look and feel that Wolf Trap has been known for.


Wolf Trap National Park was proud to have completed the largest permeable paving project of its kind in the US. With Ecoraster at the heart of the solution, areas once covered with asphalt are now laid with porous pavement, and their green parking lots include our ground stabilization solutions, making them stronger than ever. The team at Wolf Trap can now showcase that not only was stormwater runoff reduced, but they were able to use a product that had a proven track record in sensitive areas like watersheds, and that it was made of 100% recycled plastic. When it came to pavement services, Wolf Trap engaged Virginia paving company and Ecoraster distributor Ferguson Group and installed by Mid-Atlantic Grid & Paving Systems to complete this project.

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