How to Control Dust On Gravel Roads & Parking Lots

Have you ever parked your car in a gravel parking lot or driven down a rural road, only to find it covered in dust and dirt at the end of the day? It’s happened to everyone! As effective as it is for roadway construction, gravel can send fill flying into the air, producing giant dust clouds that make it hard to keep the area (or passing vehicles) clean. And while there are a host of dust control products out there, permeable paving is an excellent choice. Here’s why.

DIY Dust Control for Gravel Roads

Gravel-filled permeable paving grids are incredibly easy to install and yield instant dust control results. By holding the fill in place, they create an effective ground reinforcement system that prevents whatever’s inside from flying out. It’s so easy to install, in fact, that anyone can do it. Under the guidance of an Ecoraster distributor, any contractor, construction worker, or even homeowner can put the system in place without requiring additional training.

A Chemical-Free Solution

While most dust control products come in the form of sprays and suppressants, they tend to be filled with chemicals that don’t mesh well with the environment. This is where gravel grids come in. Not only are they made of eco-friendly recycled LDPE plastic, but they also don’t require any dust control spray. A low maintenance option, it’s also much better for the environment than having to spray down the area every couple of weeks. 

Perfect for Uneven Ground 

Another downside of loose fill, such as gravel, is that it can create uneven surfaces or make them worse. Thankfully, open grid paving systems work well with both uneven ground and steep inclines. So, even on the windiest, steepest gravel roads, porous paving is the perfect dust control solution.

Great for Parking Lots Too!

At Ecoraster, we’ve worked on a number of parking lot projects to help them eliminate dust too! 

When George Brown College in Toronto called on Ecoraster, for example, their entire parking lot was a dust storm. It was so bad, in fact, that visitors couldn’t even open their windows. 

After permeable paving installation, the lot is clean, low maintenance, and totally dust-free. 

Despite the grids being gravel-filled, the area is now plowable, has excellent parking lot drainage systems, and is accessible to all (even those wearing high-heeled shoes!) With dusty conditions and stormwater runoff eliminated, neighbouring properties are thrilled with the cleanliness that Ecoraster has provided. The are is also naturally weed-free without the use of harmful chemicals.

For more information on dust control, contact us today!

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