Make A Splash With An Eco-Friendly Parking Lot

Want to get noticed? Generate some buzz in your neighborhood with a permeable parking lot! Whether you’re opening your doors for the first time or refreshing a decades-old stomping ground, Ecoraster can help you get noticed with a green parking lot for your business.

Permeable Parking Lots, PR, and Your Business

Picture this: Machines rumble around in front of your business, punctuating directional changes with shrill beeps. A reeking haze distorts the boiling summer sky as asphalt is raked into place and then steamrolled flat. A hastily scrawled “Please use back entrance” sign flaps in the hot wind, and passers-by wrinkle their noses at the smell of your new parking lot and hurry on their way. 

Now picture this: The gravelly ground is raked flat, and a team lays brick after brick of permeable paving, each piece locking into the next like puzzle tiles. Your new parking lot unrolls like a red carpet, and passersby pick their way around, curious. As they walk in under the ding of the door, they immediately ask about your new eco-friendly parking lot.

A Winning Green Business Idea

Explaining your permeable parking lot to your customers can have many positive impacts on their perception of your business. According to a study cited by Forbes, almost all consumers are concerned about the environmental effects of the companies they patronize. This means that they’re more likely to patronize establishments that align with their values. In an October article, the Toronto Star wrote about an Ottawa coffee shop that installed a permeable parking lot, to the curiosity and delight of many customers. An eco-friendly parking lot will attract customers’ eyes and can even shape their opinion of your business; after all, even before they enter your shop, your parking lot lets customers know that your business is assuming responsibility for its environmental impact.

So, What Are the Environmental Impacts of An Eco-Friendly Parking Lot?

To start understanding the impact of Ecoraster, let’s go back to the source: every Ecoraster tile is made in Canada of 100% recycled plastic bags. Using Ecoraster permeable paving means saving plastic from landfills and giving it a second purpose.

Durable enough to last twenty years and flexible enough to survive even the most brutal winters, Ecoraster comes into its own as seasons change. From the first few raindrops that splash on its surface, the gravel-filled grid allows stormwater to drain back into the ground where it belongs, reintroducing it into the groundwater cycle. This is particularly important for businesses in cities, where massive amounts of paved surfaces can both create a heat island effect and disrupt the flow of water, leading to a big-picture worst-case scenario of exacerbating global climate change, and a small-picture worst-case scenario of flooding and property damage.

Permeable Commercial Parking Lot Paving to the Rescue

Permeable paving can help to drastically reduce the risk of flooding for your business, whether from a sudden spring thaw or a torrential downpour. As it allows water to flow back into the ground rather than just running off, permeable paving can reduce the risks to your business’ infrastructure. 

What’s more, beyond just contributing directly to the safety of your business, Ecoraster can also contribute to the well-being of your community by reducing general stormwater runoff. Stormwater runoff can carry pollutants back into the water filtration system, so it’s just one more way that Ecoraster is good for the environment.

Let Your Parking Lot Save You $$$

Finally, the part all business owners like: the bottom line. Year after year, changes in temperature can lead to cracks and potholes forming in asphalt, which can in turn lead to danger for your employees and customers and, by extension, your business. Ecoraster permeable paving is not vulnerable to many of the weaknesses of pavement, including the passage of time and, as mentioned above, brutal winters. 

Tough enough to last a minimum of twenty years, Ecoraster leads to long-term cost-savings. Sturdy enough to withstand up to 70,000 lbs of weight per square foot and durable enough to be plowed to keep it safe for your customers, Ecoraster is your ally in growing your business and in having a positive impact in your community. Considering going green with your parking lot? Contact us today to find out more!

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