How to Transform Your Backyard With Modern Permeable Pavers

Your backyard is a sacred space reserved for unwinding, relaxing, and yes – occasionally doing some yard work. Whether you use it seasonally or you’re lucky enough to enjoy it year-round, it’s an important part of your home, and any chance you have to upgrade it is a chance you should take! 

Let’s start from the ground up; aside from being surprisingly durable and supportive in applications such as roadway reinforcement, permeable paving also has a number of applications for homeowners looking to upgrade their properties in an eco-friendly way. 

Walk with us as we show you how to pull off a head-toe backyard transformation using modern permeable pavers in a variety of settings.

Simple and Elegant Backyard Drainage Solutions 

There’s nothing worse than stepping out into your backyard and realizing it’s an unusable muddy mess. You work hard on making it an enjoyable space for friends and family to spend time in, but sometimes elements such as heavy rain, sleet, or hail make it impossible for the ground to soak up stormwater runoff – leaving you with a muddy yard and serious backyard drainage issues. 

In comes permeable paving!

Rather than diverting stormwater runoff away from your yard (and accidentally making enemies with the neighbors!) it quickly and effectively absorbs it into the ground, simultaneously helping your grass grow and eliminating any pooling that was previously there. 

Lightweight, Modern Patio Pavers

Again, when faced with the elements, patio pavers often don’t hold up very well and need to be replaced every few years in order to continue functioning properly and looking fresh. Luckily, alternative paving materials such as porous paver grids and blocks are making it easier to create lasting surfaces that will look good for years (ours come with a 20-year warranty!)

Plus, they’re so easy to set up, patio paver installation can be your next weekend DIY project – giving your backyard a facelift in a matter of hours.

Waterproof Pool Decking and Hot Tub Pads

If you have kids (or teenagers who think they’re still kids), you know that everything within 15 feet of your pool or hot tub is a splash zone prone to runoff that’s not only messy, it’s also dangerous. And of course, you want to spend all Summer lounging instead of sweeping, mopping, and maintaining a splashy mess.

Porous products like Ecoraster make this an easy task. When paired with slip-resistant rubber paver blocks, our paver grids create a safe and useable pool decking surface that seriously lowers the risk of slips and trips while keeping the area dry. And the best part – you can even use colorful Ecoraster Bloxx to create any aesthetic you want. 

Just take a look at how this homeowner transformed their poolside decking:

How to Transform Your Backyard With Modern Permeable Pavers

Fully-Accessible Pathways

When we say everyone should be able to enjoy their backyard, we mean EVERYONE. It shouldn’t matter if you’re in a wheelchair, stroller, or using a walker. Unfortunately, other accessible paving materials such as concrete or asphalt can be detrimental to any vegetation (and let’s be honest, they just don’t look as good). Porous pavers, on the other hand, are perfect for ground stabilization in areas with a steep slope or uneven ground, such as the walkway that runs between your driveway and your yard. By pairing open grid paving systems with fills such as grass or paving blocks, you can instantly smooth over any imperfections without disturbing the greenery or the ground beneath. 

This means you’ll be doing a good thing for anyone with accessibility issues while ensuring your property remains eco-friendly; it’s a win-win!
Ready for the ultimate backyard upgrade? Contact us to get started!

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