Experiencing Parking Lot Drainage Problems? Here’s What You Can Do!

When installing a new parking lot, we’d all love to work with perfectly even ground that’s prepped, leveled, and ready for installation – but unfortunately that’s not always the case! Whether you’re dealing with rough, uneven terrain, unpredictable weather patterns, or poor existing infrastructure, something always seems to get in the way of a flawless parking lot design. And while you may have a lot of considerations on your plate, parking lot drainage problems are a major concern that many property owners and contractors are faced with. Whether you’re looking for a preventative solution or are already in the midst of experiencing drainage problems, you need to take action immediately to stop long-term consequences in their tracks.

Why is Parking Lot Drainage So Important?

Stormwater runoff can be extremely damaging to both your property and the surrounding environment. As a parking lot owner, water pooling on the surface can cause a long list of headaches, including:

  • Bleeding, cracking, and rutting on the paved surface
  • Potholes
  • Flooding
  • Hydroplaning, slips, and falls
  • Ice patches and black ice
  • Structural damage to the parking lot beneath the surface
  • Compromised safety standards
  • Accessibility issues for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Potential liability, if left unmanaged

And depending on where the water drainage is directed, water could flow beyond the perimeter of the parking lot, heading for your property or that of your neighbors!

Instant and Sustainable Parking Lot Drainage Solutions

Water drainage infrastructure can be a costly affair, especially if it was poorly done (or omitted) in the first place. You will likely need to hire a planner or at least a savvy contractor that can help you design and install a stormwater management system including drainage slopes, storm sewers, curb gutters, drains, and proper grading.

However, if you’re looking for more long-term and sustainable parking lot drainage solutions, permeable paving is the golden standard. Rather than allowing water to pool on the surface as with traditional paving materials like asphalt and concrete, permeable parking lots act like a sponge, instantly absorbing and eliminating rainfall (even during a heavy storm). Modern paver grids, like Ecoraster’s, can be filled with gravel, stone, grass, paver blocks, or other materials, creating a durable hardscaping surface that won’t break, bend, or crack under pressure, and is able to withstand incredibly heavy traffic for decades.

Rather than having to develop an entire parking lot drainage system with multiple elements, porous parking lots do all the work within the scope of a simple design  – plus, they often don’t require the help of professional contractors!

Ready to instantly and effectively eliminate parking lot drainage problems? Contact Ecoraster to learn more about our solutions!

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