Understanding Your Permeable Paving Options

Permeable paving is a fantastic product, but with so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. Whether you’re looking to replace your residential driveway  or improve stormwater management in your industrial warehouse, it’s important to know your permeable paving options. Below are just a few of the ways porous products can be leveraged for your next project.

Permeable Paving Grids

Every permeable paving system starts with paver grids. Paver grids provide the foundation that facilitates ground stabilization, stormwater management, reinforcement, and more. By nature, these open grid paving systems can be filled with almost everything – let’s take a look at some of your options.

Grass Grid Pavers

Understanding Your Permeable Paving Options

At Ecoraster, one of our most popular options are grass or low-growth sedum-filled paver grids. And unlike older generations, which can be seen underneath the grass, these plastic grids blend right in with the surrounding landscape, essentially camouflaging while allowing the vegetation to grow naturally. Perfect for fields, eco-friendly walkways, green parking lots, and many other applications, they completely eliminate mud, dust, and stormwater pooling without disrupting the natural landscape. 

Stone or Gravel-Filled Grids

Understanding Your Permeable Paving Options

Another popular paver fill is gravel or stone. The number of applications for this type of fill are essentially limitless; we’ve seen it being used in everything from heavy-duty industrial projects to golf cart parking lots. When added beneath gravel or stone, permeable paving grids prevent the fill from shifting or lifting, keeping it firmly in place so it has no room to escape. Clients that have installed stone or gravel-filled grids have found that they don’t need to replace the paving material nearly as often as without the plastic grids, plus they never have to deal with a muddy mess. Ecoraster permeable grids are also incredibly durable, providing a porous, yet entirely solid surface that even heavy-duty equipment can drive over without issues.

Paver Base Stabilization

Another practical application of permeable paving is underneath paving stones as a paver base stabilizer. Often overlooked as an option, it actually comes with incredible cost-savings anywhere it’s applied. In fact, Ecoraster’s X30 paver base panel system has been known to reduce paver base depth by up to half – meaning you’ll need half the amount of fill you would without the product. Additionally, it prevents loose fill from sliding away, contributing to less maintenance time and associated costs. 

Pervious Concrete Paver Stones

Did you know that concrete could be pervious/permeable? Traditionally considered a non-porous surface, Ecoraster carries options that have incredible absorbency, helping with surface drainage and stormwater runoff wherever they’re laid. Designed to work in tandem with any permeable paving grid, pervious concrete paving stones are a great option for heavy-duty projects and residential applications alike. Available in a wide range of colors, they can be used to add visual appeal to green parking lots, interlocking driveways, walkways, and much more. These colorful inserts can also serve as an alternative to paint – for example, when added to a parking lot project (as pictured below), they can mark parking spaces in an eco-friendly and long-lasting way.

Understanding Your Permeable Paving Options

Recycled Rubber Paver Stones

Another option for pervious paver stones is recycled rubber. More lightweight than its pervious concrete counterpart, it’s easy to transport and install, and also comes with the added benefit of non-slip grip at surface levels. This makes it perfect for any application that requires extra traction. Commonly used on running surfaces, childrens’ play areas and municipal parks, it facilitates accessibility, without compromising on permeability and performance.

Now that you know your permeable paving options, it’s time to start shopping! Contact Ecoraster North America for a free consultation today.

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