How To Fix Muddy Horse Paddock Areas with Permeable Paving

Permeable Paving Doesn’t Just Benefit Humans!

Slipping in a puddle of mud can ruin your day; but for horses and livestock, the dangers of mud can be much more serious. Between the chance of fungal and bacterial infections over the long term, and slips and falls in the short term, mud poses a massive risk to the well-being and longevity of your animals.  

Luckily, horse paddock mud control is within reach! Read on to find out how permeable paving can help you fix your muddy horse paddock areas once and for all.  

The Dangers of Muddy Horse Paddocks

You may have heard of horse paddock mud control solutions such as laying down wood chips or spreading sand in your paddock. While these can be effective short-term fixes, they can also be labor (and cost) intensive ways of maintaining your paddock, gates and arenas, particularly when there is no solid foundation and the paddock is built on compacted dirt. 

While these solutions can be comfortable for horses to walk on when dry, they don’t generally help with horse paddock drainage, and woodchips in particular can even decompose and become part of the slurry. The resulting mud can soften hooves, sometimes to the point where they won’t even hold horseshoe nails properly. 

Muddy horse paddocks can allow harmful insects to breed, and can also pose problems for feeding when mud, dirt or sand gets mixed with horse feed. Mud can also have an impact on your immediate environment, as runoff from muddy horse paddocks can lead to manure being carried into local waterways and negatively affecting local wildlife and vegetation.

Permeable Paving for Equine Mud Management 

This runoff, as well as the problems caused by mud, can be remedied by laying a solid and permeable foundation to allow horse paddock drainage while keeping your horse on comfortable, stable footing. Horses won’t be left up to their ankles in mud, and the risk of slips is greatly reduced; what’s more, Ecoraster permeable paving is easy to install for those who are handy, and there’s no limit to how you can use it and where it can be installed on your property–it can even serve as the foundation for your horse riding arena, like it did for the Spruce Meadows Equestrian Center

What’s more, permeable paving can be filled in with gravel to increase your horses’ comfort as well as to increase drainage. Besides preventing insect breeding and infection, permeable paving also allows stormwater to drain back into the ground, reducing your horses’ effect on your local environment.

It’s Not Just Horses–Permeable Paving for Livestock 

The even better news about Ecoraster is that it’s not just a good solution for your horse paddock mud control; it’s also a good solution for your other animals and your livestock. Ecoraster permeable paving is gentler on animals’ legs and reduces infections, and the costs incurred from treating them. Not only can it be a good addition to high-traffic areas by reducing mud, it’s also an excellent insulator in areas such as farrowing pens and is proven to reduce hypothermia in piglets. 

Permeable paving is an effective solution for the health and wellbeing of animals. No matter the type of animal you have–even furry friends–permeable paving can improve their quality of life and save you money in both the short and long terms. 

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