5 Unique Ways to Use Paver Grids

With thousands of applications for paver grids, the possibilities are endless! And while Ecoraster’s clients mainly use them to create permeable parking lots, paved road shoulders, and to prevent mud in various settings, we’ve worked on some  “outside the box” paving projects that we think can serve as great inspiration for anyone looking to get creative!

  1. Prevent spillover with a permeable hot tub pad 
5 Unique Ways to Use Paver Grids

Most hot tub pads are placed on non-porous concrete blocks that are expensive, hard to remove and offer little-to-no drainage. For a similar price, Ecoraster permeable paving grids provide a unique alternative that’s just as durable as concrete, but with a range of added benefits. Instantly absorbing any water that spills over, these eco-friendly hot tub pads help keep your backyard safe, dry, and mud-free.

  1. Safely store your boat with an eco-friendly boat pad
5 Unique Ways to Use Paver Grids

Let’s face it, outdoor boat storage can ultimately lead to a gucky, muddy mess that takes away from the aesthetic of your yard or storage space. In the case of this client, he was experiencing problems with excessive mud when storing his boat and was in need of boat storage ideas that didn’t include asphalt or cement. Grass-filled plastic grid pavers were leveraged as a durable, sustainable, and permeable paving solution to meet the client’s boat storage/parking needs.

  1. Create extra traction beneath an ATV/dirt bike trail
5 Unique Ways to Use Paver Grids

Admittedly, off-roading is no fun unless you get a little mud beneath your wheels; but when it came to this ATV trail in Maine, the mud was less fun and more problematic. A 600 ft-long swampy section of the trail was ultimately impassable due to the deep ruts and uneven surfaces caused by poor subsurface conditions and a lack of ground stabilization. To make matters worse, the massive ruts filled with water, causing puddles that were impeding trail accessibility. Many riders were also widening the trail by attempting to go around the rutted middle section. This ultimately created an even larger swamp section with increasingly difficult conditions for most riders. Additionally, a recently built $78,000 snowmobile bridge was also rendered inaccessible.

To help remedy the situation, Ecoraster paver grids were installed. They provided the traction needed for this type of environment, eliminating mud and stormwater pooling, and creating a safe a fully useable ATV trail.

  1. Keep your furry friends happy with eco-friendly dog kennel flooring
5 Unique Ways to Use Paver Grids

Whether you’re a breeder or simply want a safe outdoor area for the family pet, dog kennels can be tricky to install. They need to be designed in a way that’s secure enough your pup can’t dig themselves out while providing shade on hot days and a clean environment with comfortable, raised kennel flooring for them to lay and play on. Although easy to clean, concrete can be expensive to install, requires a certain depth of excavation, and isn’t a comfortable surface for the animal. After weighing their outdoor dog kennel flooring options, this breeder decided Ecoraster was the perfect fit!

  1. Make the most of your backyard with a permeable paver patio
5 Unique Ways to Use Paver Grids

Your home’s backyard is meant to be a private space for friends and family to enjoy. Unfortunately, this can be difficult in areas where unpredictable weather leads to poor drainage, pooling, and mud. Before Ecoraster, that was the case for this Toronto homeowner. With little backyard drainage or green space available, they were left wondering how to eliminate stormwater and create a useable outdoor space. Rather than diverting the water, Ecoraster installed a permeable paver base with porous concrete inserts that would instantly absorb water into the ground. Not only did this help hydrate the soil, but it also created a safe and dry hangout spot that allows the homeowners to enjoy their backyard, no matter the weather.

Feeling inspired by these unique Ecoraster applications? Contact us to find out how we can do the same for you!

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