Your Driveway Paving Should Be In It For The Long Term

The mornings are getting crisper, which can only mean one thing: winter is around the corner. 

For homeowners, snow, ice and changing temperatures are more than just scenery: they can result in a cracked driveway and even impact concrete and asphalt driveway repairs. Year after year, this means higher maintenance costs. 

Bundle up and join us as we explore three ways that permeable paving can come to the rescue and reduce the need for driveway crack repair and save you money.

Staying Flexible Through Changing Temperatures 

Like most things made of atoms, traditional paving materials like asphalt and concrete contract in the cold and expand in the heat. While this may be good for some surfaces, it’s bad news for roads and driveways, which are susceptible to cracks and even potholes as temperatures change. The only way to put off the expense of re-paving is to repetitively use sealants and other driveway resurfacing options, all of which can really add up. 

Permeable paving, on the other hand, is designed with changing–and even extreme–temperatures in mind. As winter and summer weather becomes more and more unpredictable, the interlocking tiles of Ecoraster’s grid system contract and expand without breaking, removing the hassle and risks that a cracked driveway entails. 

This means that a permeable driveway is a durable driveway–the even better news is that it can be a green driveway. Ecoraster’s permeable paving tiles are 100% recycled, reducing your home’s environmental impact even as you save money. You can learn more about climate change and permeable paving’s effect on volatile temperatures here.

Chilling Out in the Spring Thaw 

Even when the worst of winter is over, snow thawing during warm days can produce puddles which freeze over at night, leading to icy, dangerous conditions in your driveway and contributing to wear and tear. Permeable paving gives water somewhere to go so that it can’t produce slushy or muddy conditions; moreover, there’s no need to worry about flooding around the driveway area, helping to protect your house from the changing seasons.

Reducing Driveway Paving Costs With Easy Installation

While it’s obviously impossible to install pavement in the middle of a snowstorm, cold weather during the regular construction season can also affect the end result, as well as the effort involved in driveway paving using traditional materials. While asphalt requires specific temperatures to be able to set properly, Ecoraster’s interlocking tiles can be laid easily and quickly by a small team or even a dedicated diyer, with no need to calculate the effect that an otherwise clement temperature may have on the installation. 

From driveway paving to repair, and from installation options to the fight for the climate’s future, permeable paving is an affordable solution that will save you money in the long and short terms. 
Check out our product options, or contact us for more information on how Ecoraster can be your next green driveway.

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